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Craig Sinclair

Craig Sinclair, sponsored athlete with LumberJack Inc.

Highland Games Heavy Event Athlete

Lumberjack has been trying to kit out this local man-mountain with clothing and headwear since October 2015.

Nationality: British
D.O.B: 4.12.85 (30)
Coach: His Father and his Brother, Grant.
Height: 6ft 5″/195cm
Weight: 22stone/140kg
Hometown: Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Craig is possibly Scotland’s best Highland Games Athlete in the “Heavies”. He is ranked among the top 10 Heavy Events Athletes in the World. He has been competing in highland games for around 15years and travels all around the world where he is invited to compete, show off his fears of strength and skill.

He is regularly invited to compete in the USA where there is a huge following of the traditional Scottish Highland Games.

There are traditionally 5 main events: The Stone Putt, Weight for Distance, Scots Hammer, Caber Toss and Weight Over The Bar. Craig is great at all the events but has numerous records for his speciality the 16lb and 22lb Scots Hammer. (This differs from the wire hammer that Mark Dry throws. Craig throws from a standing position on grass wearing a Kilt and Spiked boots. Mark throws a wire hammer with a metal handle from a concrete circle and rotates/spins 4 times before releasing the implement.)

Anyway, the guy is the proverbial gentle giant. He doesn’t have a website (although he should) so go check him out on social media.