We originally started out as a brand for bearded men, now we cater for ALL men!

At Lumberjack Inc. we have a range of male grooming products, including beard oils, beard butter, tash wax and afteshave to help you look and smell great.

Our products are made with 100% organically sourced ingredients.

With Lumberjack Inc. you’ll be chopping wood, looking good.

Ready to try a great male grooming brand? Hightail it over to our shop and check out our latest products.

Scot Thompson, chief logger at Lumberjack Inc. Beard oils and male grooming products for the alpha male.

Meet the owner

Scot Thompson is Head Honcho at Lumberjack Inc. Struggling to find someone to repair his damaged fencing he decided to give it a bash himself. Having completed the job, his wife commented that with his beard and checked shirt covered in sawdust he looked like a lumberjack.

A former elite athlete (represented Brirish Junior and Scottish Senior Teams in Shot Putt and Discus), Scot often struggled with clothes to suit his dimensions and his style (46” chest 34” waist and 6ft 4 inches tall).  So he decided to bring out his own range of clothes and headwear.

His beard was also an issue. Being very active, it got messy very easily and he wanted to find a way to maintain it properly. Months of research later, he now has his own range of unique products which help keep his beard lovely and soft.

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